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Writing The Synthesis Essay-36
This document also contains the key points that go into the essay itself.Just like the table of content, the outline has had sections and subsections that address the given topic.You will realize that during your research, both primary and secondary sources will be crucial in terms of giving you new insights that you can use to create a fantastic essay that will not only earn you more points but will also bring out your understanding and mastery of the topic.

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A thesis statement shows the readers the position taken by the writer.

Also known as a claim, the readers would want to know your take on the subject and how it will pan out in the arguments within the body of the document.

More so, the concept is defined as the practice of reading from various sources, extracting the information that is within these sources then making a meaningful conclusion out of them.

So, a synthesis essay is about collecting information from a lot of sources and writing an essay out of the information collected.

Additionally, the literature and the quality and quantity of the supporting materials used are very paramount.

It is recommended that at least up to 5 sources should be used for analysis.The common types of synthesis essay that can be used include the argumentative and the explanatory essays.The type that one adopts is very important when it comes to how they will write their thesis statement and argue out their points.Synthesis analysis essay sample outline provided below gives in brief the arrangement: Additionally, it is imperative to remind oneself of the fact that synthesis involves aspects such as comparing and contrasting various elements or points brought together as well as analyzing them.It is far from just writing about single sources explored.An argumentative synthesis essay sample presents robust claims that the writer must justify through the provision of evidence and facts so that the writers can know what the writer stands for.On the other hand, an explanatory synthesis essay sample explains concepts and ideas to the readers.Its thesis statement is not as strong as the former but is one of the commonly used styles.Before you settle on the style, think about your potential readers and what you want to drive home in the synthesis essay. Well, you must have come across this word severally in your class or heard it from your professor or even interacted with some synthesis essay writing samples.It is one of the most common types of essay that students write either as their term papers or simply put a style that they mostly incorporate as they write their final project papers. How about fusing two ideas together to have one standpoint, well, this is the basic idea about synthesis.


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