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More than just a therapeutic exercise or a way to record the day's events, journals can also be a type of creative writing.This is especially true if you infuse your entries with your emotions and personal experiences.In general, the key to writing poetry is to create evocative images and make every word count.

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In this long form of fiction, you have time to explore the plot, characters, and other elements more fully.An audience will view or listen to the piece later.Find movie scripts to review as examples of this form of writing.Writing a short story is a great way to learn about how fiction is structured, including plot, characters, conflict, and setting. A great example of this genre is A&P by John Updike.Longer than a short story but not quite as long as a novel, a novella goes into great detail about all the elements of the story. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a good example of a novella.Short fiction offers more of a "story" than a vignette.It includes short stories and even modern fan fiction.Generally, the entire piece takes place in one location.Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time features several examples of vignettes.Like a script in that the dialogue you write will be recited by actors, plays are designed to be performed in front of an audience.They are usually divided into several acts, although short, one-act plays are also popular.


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