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Unlike Hamlet, Laertes is ready to rush to his revenge, but Claudius is easily able to manipulate him and Laertes ends up begging forgiveness from the man he wanted to murder.By making traditional revenge tragedies look ridiculous, Shakespeare shows us that the troubling philosophical doubt of Hamlet is more realistic than the passion and fury of plays like The Spanish Tragedy.

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Certainly, Claudius deserves some significant punishment for the murder he committed.

Instead, modern times call for common sense and less instinctive behaviors.

This was unknown in Hamlet's "time", so perhaps his anger and actions could have been justified then. If you take "an eye for an eye" to be a justification for action, then Hamlet is certainly justified in his revenge on Claudius.

In Hamlet, the hero learns the identity of his father’s murderer at the end of Act I, and he’s in a position to kill Claudius from the very beginning. While Hamlet, being a tragedy, is generally seen as a very serious play, in some ways it seems to make fun of the revenge tragedies that came before it.

No character thwarts him in his desire for revenge, and, living in the same palace as his nemesis, he has many chances to enact his plot. When Hamlet cries “Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless Villain! ” () he sounds like a sillier version of Hieronimo, the hero of The Spanish Tragedy.


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