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This device was a first develop Ed by the Egyptians in the 10th centaury B. Abacus is made up of wooden frame in which rod where fitted across with rounds beads sliding on the rod.

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Modern computers are capable of taking human instructions in a form of language called programming language and delivering output in fraction of a second.

Today, computers are used in every office and institution for performing a number of tasks from maintaining and processing data, keeping records of transactions and employees, preparing and maintaining account statements, balance sheets etc.

In the year 1671, a German mathematics, Gottfried Leibniz modified the Pascal calculator and he developed a machine which could perform various calculation based on multiplication and division as well.

In the year 1833, a scientist form England knows to be Charles Babbage invented such a machine. This device was called Analytical engine and it deemed the first mechanical computer. The full form of ENIAC is “Electronic Numeric Integrated And Calculator” ENIAC was a very huge and big computer and its weight was 30 tones.

First of all we will have to understand these terms in true sense.

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1.: - “Data” is nothing but a mare collection of basic facts and figure without any sequence.

Abacus is known to be the first mechanical calculating device.

Which was used to be performed addition and subtraction easily and speedily?

In thus process John Napier’s of Scotland invented a calculating device, in the year 1617 called the Napier Bones.

In the device, Napier’s used the bone rods of the counting purpose where some no. These rods that one can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division easily.


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