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Routing protocols are integral components of multihop networks.Attacks on routing protocols can render such networks nonfunctional.

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Many wireless sensor networks can be viewed as multihop ad hoc networks.

The following three papers discuss security issues of routing protocols.

Software applications in many hosts can form self-propagating, self-organizing, and autonomous overlay networks that are controlled by attackers to launch coordinated attacks. In their paper entitled "Botnet: classification, attacks, detection, tracing, and preventive measures,'' J. Ever-evolving mobile wireless networking technology leads to coexistence of many different wireless networks.

Seamless and fast handover among different networks such as Wireless LANs (e.g., IEEE 802.11), Wi Max (e.g., IEEE 802.16), and personal communication systems (e.g., GSM) becomes an important topic under investigation.

Christine Laurendeau and Michel Barbeau designed a hyperbolic position bounding algorithm to localize the originator of an attack signal within a vehicular communication network.

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Their algorithm makes use of received signal strength reports for locating the source of attack signals without the knowledge of the power level of the station that is transmitting packets.However, wireless networks are lack of physical security because the underlying communications are carried out by electromagnetic radiations in open space.Wireless networks pose a unique challenge in computer and network security community.Nevertheless, how to choose a path between two nodes in a network relies on both performance and security considerations.In their paper entitled "On multipath routing in multihop wireless networks: security, performance, and their tradeoff,'' L. Leneutre formulate the multipath routing problem as optimization problems with objectives as minimal security risks, maximal packet delivery ratio, or maximal packet delivery ratio under a given security risks.Find the details of their work in the paper entitled "Probabilistic localization and tracking of malicious insiders using hyperbolic position bounding in vehicular networks.''Key management is always a challenging issue in wireless sensor networks due to resource limitation imposed by sensor nodes. surveyed key establishment and distribution protocols in their paper entitled "In situ key establishment in large-scale sensor networks,'' where key establishment protocols are categorized as deterministic key predistribution, probabilistic key predistribution, and in situ key establishment protocols.Different from predistribution protocols, in situ protocol only requires a common shared key among all nodes to prevent node injection attack.In the paper entitled "A flexible and efficient key distribution scheme for renewable wireless sensor networks,'' A-N. proposed a key distribute scheme for three-tier hierarchical wireless sensors networks that consist of base stations, cluster heads, and sensor nodes.By making use of secret keys generated by a bivariate symmetric polynomial function and well-designed message exchanges, the key distribution protocol can allow new sensor nodes to be added, deter node captures, and cope with the situations when base stations are either online or offline.Polynomial time solutions to the optimization problems are proposed and studied.Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are often subject to node capture attack.


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