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You should always include a cover letter with your application even if the employer doesn’t ask you for one. Well, it’s a fantastic way to add information that doesn’t fit into a CV.It will also help to give your application a bit more ‘personality’.

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To get the interview and to rise above the competition and land the job? By following these 7 interview-getting, attention-grabbing cover letter tips.(Don't use too much––just a few important lines throughout to break things up a little.) TIP #6: Proofread your cover letter and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.This is an obvious one, but if it's not handled, it can ruin any chance you have of landing the interview.If you’re savvy you’ll perform the necessary research to find out who you’re sending the application to. Johnson” is much better than “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.” However, there may be occasions when you simply don’t know who will be reading the letter. The only thing worse than a generic opening is addressing the person by the wrong name!You would be astonished at the number of spelling and grammatical errors contained in the average cover letter.The reader will assume you were too lazy or haphazard to check your own work which almost guarantees rejection.Get a friend or family member to read over it after you’ve proofread it yourself.Every computer can open a PDF file without the need for conversion.The last thing you want is to send your cover letter in a file that needs to be converted as the recruiter might just move onto the next person instead.TIP #4: Create bullets and numbered lists to help readers scan quickly.TIP #5: Use bolding occasionally to emphasize important points, and to increase readability.


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