What Does A Critique Essay Look Like

Once you have a strong understanding of the article, write out your reactions to the text in the form of a freewrite, list or cluster map.

This activity will help you produce ideas for your thesis statement and can give you a clearer idea of your overall evaluation of the text. In the case of an article critique, you can look up interviews and other articles by the author to determine if there are inconsistencies in her arguments or analysis, and to evaluate how much the author's biography plays a role in her opinions.

For instance, you might discuss (thinking about the early part of the course in particular) . If it talks a lot about calories, you might mention Atwater.

If it talks a lot about vitamins, you might mention Mc Collum and fear of nutritional deficiency.

She holds an MA in literary cultures from New York University and a BA in ethnic studies from UC Berkeley.

She is a college professor of literature and composition.Whether you are critiquing a "New York Times" article about global warming or a music journal's analysis of a particular band, your writing must have a point.To formulate an effective thesis statement, takes notes while you read, brainstorm to gather ideas and draft a main argument that the rest of the critique can support.If there are any words with which you are unfamiliar, look them up so you don't misunderstand the material.While reading, look for aspects of the article with which you agree or disagree, and sections that seem confusing or underdeveloped.Is the article simply jumping on the correlation bandwagon?You should cite passages from the readings with author-date notation.When the reading, research and planning is complete, you can draft your first thesis statement.The thesis should be written as a complete statement rather than as a question.You should begin your essay with a quick summary of the source—no more than a few sentences—so that your readers have an idea of what the point is (assume they have not read it themselves).Then, comment briefly about the evidence used to make the point.


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