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Thus, Vo IP echo paths resemble line echo paths in their sparseness, but differ due to their much longer echo tails and delay.This is due to the plurality of different processing steps that the speech needs to undergo.Selective tap adaptation is done using the sparse partial update normalized least mean square algorithm (SPNLMS).

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Vo IP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been largely heralded as the telecommunications paradigm of the 21st century.

Vo IP transmits data from the traditional analog Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) across an IP network through the use of an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Typical replacement possibilities are silence, noise, the previous packet.

Alternatively, you might want to attempt an extrapolation from the previous packet.

With proper control you can create an effective Vo IP network echo canceller.

The algorithm consists of two parts, selective tap adaptation and multiple delay filtering.A vocoder essentially attempts to represent the speech frame by a smaller set of parameters that will excite a speech production model on the receiving end.Distortion is introduced by an inaccurate representation, pre- or post-filtering, and by parameter quantization, and thus non-linearity is introduced into the echo path which will degrade the performance of the linear echo canceller [2].To effectively deal with all of these issues, one must utilize a highly adaptive algorithm.An example is the SPMMax-MDF Algorithm [3] which produces a low delay sparse echo path model.Network delay shifts the body of the impulse response along the echo path.Each packet may experience different levels of network traffic while in route, and thus may arrive out of sequence.The signal is broken up into frames and the information in each frame is stored in digital packets that are sent over the network.Each packet has header information that gives the receiving end information about how to reconstruct the signal.The effect packet loss has on the performance on an echo canceller depends on how such a packet is recovered in each instance [2].One such method is packet concealment, in which the lost packet is somehow replaced on the receiving end.


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