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Many of them just nod, bored by the common sense of it all.

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The key is to write for a purpose beyond self-expression, much like how you do all of your homework with the objective of getting a good grade. What will get you into college is writing an essay that will be distinguished from the rest. By the time someone is considering your essay, they have reviewed your grades, your scores, two teacher recommendations and a guidance report, and your activity list. Think outside of the box and say something different.

They know you in most ways that are relevant to admit you to a school. Don’t restate something in your resume and then just add “and everyone thanked me” at the end. Over 70 percent of students choose just three of the seven Common Application prompts (overcoming obstacles, discuss an accomplishment, topic of your choice). Choose one that focuses on a specific anecdote rather than the three asking for your whole life story.

Favorites often work well: your favorite read/friend/place/theory/possession.

Ultimately, no matter what else you hear in the admissions process, ask yourself the simple questions: The comprehensive resource for navigating the job search, composing strong resumes and cover letters, performing at interviews, using Harvard’s Campus Interview Program, and profiles from alumni in different industries.

With the top applicants from every high school applying to the best schools in the country, it's important to have an edge in your college application.

In our 2019 edition, check out ten of our newest Harvard application essays and profiles from students who made it in.Admission to the Simmons Honors Program is highly selective.The program is designed for students with strong analytical and writing skills who seek a rigorous intellectual community and challenging experiential learning opportunities.Honors students in particular naturally gravitate toward leadership positions on campus and in the surrounding community.Pick one organization at Simmons or in the local Boston community that you would like to get involved in, and tell us how being of a member of the Honors Program will be beneficial to you in this role.Every piece of advice you have ever received on the purpose of the college essay is wrong. The college essay is a page-long assignment given to you by a school, to be completed by a certain date. The purpose of the college essay is to get into college.You are familiar with this construct, work to do at given to you by a school, due by a certain date, otherwise known as homework. If you ask just about anyone what the purpose of the college essay is, they will say — with glazed eyes — “to let the admissions office get to know you.” But instead, you should write something that you think will make someone be measurably more likely to admit you to college.The Common Application went live on August 1st so many rising seniors started filling in their apps.As soon as they added a college, most were able to see additional writing requirements and supplements. You figure out what your teacher wants from you and then you give it to them. You need to write the essay in order to get into college..Otherwise, what you are doing is the logical equivalent of handing in a watercolor for your math homework.


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