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A sealed envelope (containing the reports and grades) that you will be given after the defence.needs to be submitted to the Promotionsbüro: Based on this you will receive a certificate that you passed the Ph D exam.

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Ulb Uni Bonn Dissertationen Essay On Women And Nation Building

In Bonn there are four: Bürgeramt Bonn: Stadthaus, Berliner Platz 2 Bürgeramt Bad Godesberg: Kurfürstenallee 2-3 Bürgeramt Beuel: Rathaus Beuel, Friedrich-Breuer-Str. 1 Opening hours: Monday and Thursday: – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: – An application by mail would require that your signature has to be legalized. According to the web pages of the city of Bonn the fee is 13 € (but could have been increased in the meantime). As the document is to be presented to an authority, it will not be sent to you but directly to the Promotionsbüro. The cover of the thesis should have the IMPRS layout (see attachment; contact E. The thesis should be delivered as Post Script, PDF, or Word.The most general information on the examination board can be split up as follows: Ph D Examination Board (“Promotionskommission”): Consists of 4 members: 1. Referee (second examiner) (who in general is the chairperson of the examination board) 3. a physicist) (in general suggested by the Ph D candidate and who must be qualified as a professor (“habilitiert”) 4. To ensure a smooth and swift process, it is advisable to talk to the 1 referee of your thesis as early as possible and also let them have a version of the thesis prior to the official one they are going to get from the Promotionsbüro.Someone external to the subject (for example informatics (Prof. It may also not be easy to find a date for the exam as it involves 4 persons. Oral Exams, consisting of a) A public scientific talk with discussion (Promotionskolloquium) b) A non-public oral exam (Disputation) following the talk Both in front of the “Promotionskommission”, and both can be made in German or English.We encourage you to choose the following form: submission of an electronic version to the e Library of the Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn (UBL). Elena Dyck Email: [email protected], phone: 0228/73-9533 Address: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn Abteilungsbibliothek für Medizin, Naturwissenschaften und Landbau Nußallee 15a 53115 Bonn What is required for online publication: 1. the back of the first page) has to include the names of the 1 referee, the date of the exam as well as a note about the online publication (see attached example – attachment 8) 2. Signed statement (2 copies) (= contract with the UBL).Electronic version of the thesis in PDF format In case the full version of the thesis exceeds 5 MB, the thesis has to be split into smaller parts (if 3-5 MB) in addition (for example splitting into chapters or giving figures separately). This statement is automatically generated as a PDF file after completion of the online registration. 5 printed and bound copies of the thesis (Pflichtexemplare/depositary copies).These must be printed on age-resistant, wood- and acid-free paper in accordance with DIN-ISO 9706 (sources of supply: copy shops, stationer shops) and permanently bound (bonded, no ring or spiral binding).65 D - 47057 Duisburg Duisburg-Essen University Library Dissertations Universitätsstr.The copies have to be identical to the electronic version. Approval by the Faculty (will be requested by the UBL automatically after points 1.-3. As soon as the Faculty/Promotionsbüro has given its approval, the thesis will be placed on the server.A confirmation of receipt will be sent automatically to the Promotionsbüro. You will be notified of this by email, and an official confirmation of the electronic publication will be sent to the Promotionsbüro.If you would like to publish a cumulative dissertation, please note that publishing rights must be clarified with the publishers.In case of doubt, please contact the University Library in advance. You will find measures and instruments to support and help you with your work on the UDE's webpage "Plagiate als Diebstahl geistigen Eigentums".


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