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Adjust this path as necessary for your installation. Complete any further installation steps required for the La Te X files. The sample file was copied to the directory c:\swp30\docs. This is expected since the table of contents is a front matter item and the other items are in the body of the text. The uga style uses the standard La Te X report document class, so is picked up as the file used by the sample document.

The True Te X Formatter was started using the Start menu. The table of contents can be moved by placing an encapsulated Te X field containing after the Preface and removing the Make TOC tag from the front matter. The uga package adds several elements that need corresponding entries in the file, so copy the file Styles\report\to Styles\[Special]\ Inspecting shows that several new document elements are added by this style.

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usp=sharing Data Set: Fel Jz DM5F36VIMROS9n Rhccs-1d6c-2KE/edit? I did undergrad economics followed by a masters in finance with a lot of statistics in there.

Inspecting and the sample document, the following new style elements (showing a sample usage) were found: The \pseudochapter is a new division element.

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Unfortunately, the division elements are hard coded in SWP and a new division element cannot be added via the file.

No La Te X errors were reported and the sample document compiled and was viewed using the True Te X Previewer without difficulty. There are several screen display problems with the sample document inside of SWP. In order to have the SWP sample document use the new file, edit the SWP sample document and replace the line: line is added to the document when SWP saves the document. Adding these elements to the SWP visual interface requires additional entries in the file.

The new elements are similar to new elements added to other thesis styles, so comparing the files of other thesis styles can be helpful.

Version: 3.x - Scientific Work Place & Scientific Word Following is another example of adding La Te X typesetting specifications to SWP/SW.

This example uses La Te X typesetting files found at for theses for the University of Georgia, and follows the steps in the article Using shells and typesetting specifications from outside sources. In this case, the files and are located in the 2001 version (2.0) directory of an ftp site at the University of Georgia: Move the La Te X files so they will be available to True Te X.


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