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From credit scores and reports, to applying for new credit, this session will cover the building blocks you need to develop and maintain a credit record that will make you a competitive consumer.https://edu/media/t/1_wmyt1b0p/110536401 Taxes – How They Work and Why You Should Care Very few people understand the U. tax system, yet understanding how taxes work can provide many opportunities for efficient planning and saving.

Funding your education can be challenging for graduate students.

In fact, many people do not continue education at a higher level due to perceiving this as a barrier, when in fact there are many ways of securing funds for graduate-level studies.

Students who have not completed the application process will not be considered for financial support.

We hope this helps you with your search, and that you don’t let financial issues be the reason you can’t join us!

The Graduate School educates and supports our students to ensure they can manage debt, consider the role of both loans and savings, and develop sound financial management practices while in graduate school.

In collaboration with the Department of Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics and the ASPIRE Clinic, we provide financial education seminars and resources to graduate students that: Topics Budgeting – Financial Advice for Graduate Students Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan.Such awards are grant-in-aid to a student and are available to students majoring in a specific area of study.These awards may be based on academic achievement, teaching, or financial need.The Graduate School Assistantship competition begins at the end of February and only students who are fully admitted to the department and the Graduate School can be considered.Departmental assistantships are awarded beginning in March.The following awards are offered through the Graduate School.This award recognizes outstanding research by graduate students.This session will explain the foundational components of the income tax process, and provide strategies for making the most of your income.https://edu/media/t/1_d2lpffti/110536401 Student Loans – Repayment Plans and Strategies With so many options available for student loan repayment, it can be difficult to sort through everything to identify the best path forward.Assistantships are awarded either as a Graduate School Assistantship or a Departmental Assistantship.The second avenue for potential funding includes scholarships and fellowships.


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