Turning Point In My Life Essay

Turning Point In My Life Essay-3
Spirituality can be found where and when we least expect it.I had found divinity through my father's favorite dish.

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While I was almost done ready for work, I realized how a certain quotation wants to talk about. And it suddenly hit me in a way of a passing garbage truck.

Even though I didn't lose consciousness, I had still sustained a head injury that left me laid up, perplexed and disoriented for months of partial disability.

Other senses that I had taken for granted in my entire life became strangers, and I missed them.

Because of the accident, I had been denied the comfort of some keen companions - the written and spoken words, and my sense of belonging.

For the next few weeks, I rediscovered the wonders of life just like a little child.

Following the taste, my hearing came next, then sight and touch.

Prior to Midway, the Japanese all but controlled the entire Pacific Ocean.

For any give mission, the Japanese navy could sally forth an enormous surface fleet, including large carriers to deal misery to whomever might be in their way.

I was overwhelmed and at the same time ashamed of my appalling lack of appreciation for what had been right under my nose.

We just don't know how blessed we are until misfortune strikes.


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