Thesis Statement On Dementia

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You may also feel free to choose your own journal article, as long as they correlate to the theme of Alzheimer's Disease and Caregivers, come from a professional journal, have been written within the last three to four years (the more recent the better), and you use at least five journal articles, but no more than ten.

The body of Alzheimer's Disease /Dementia and Caregivers Research Paper should be no more than ten pages in length (excluding reference pages).

However, some cases can be much more severe, and can have a variety of causes.

When loss of memory and other mental functions becomes more severe, the condition is known as dementia.

Dementia and Alzheimer's During an average lifetime, one can expect to have at least occasional memory lapses from time to time.

Usually it's something as simple as forgetting what you just did a few minutes ago, forgetting if you turned the stove off, or if you left your keys on the table or in the bathroom counter.

Dementia is typically associated with the elderly population. Early-onset dementia (EOD) refers to dementias that occur before the age of 65.

Differential diagnosis of EOD is complicated by the fact that symptoms may be more variable in younger patients than in the elderly, due to different etiologies (Mc Murtray, Clark, Christine, & Mendez, 2006; Fadil et al., 2009), lack of awareness about the condition—even among health care professionals (Jefferies & Agrawal, 2009), and misdiagnosis (van Vliet et al., 2011).

Despite these common symptoms, making a diagnosis is difficult since Alzheimer's patientscan display the same symptoms as a head injury or depression.

There are also people with various factors that increase the risk of a person becoming affected by the disease. Since the disease is largely found in elderly people, the general age for onset is around age 65.


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