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In this part I will also point out some interesting issues for further research. Definitions The key terms in my thesis are traditional methodology and modern methodology or traditional teaching and modern teaching as their synonyms.

In this part I will also point out some interesting issues for further research. Definitions The key terms in my thesis are traditional methodology and modern methodology or traditional teaching and modern teaching as their synonyms.

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In the definitions of this term, Webster s Third New International Dictionary often uses expressions such as a procedure or process for attaining a goal or a systematic procedure, technique or a set of rules very often related to a science or art (Method).

In agreement with this Webster s definition, Hunkis claims that methods have form and consistency, and later on draws attention to the form by stating that methods have definite steps or stages and sub-behaviours that are recurrent and applicable to various subject matters (qtd. As Henson states, some examples of methods are: a lecture, a simulation game, a case study, or an inquiry.

I am grateful to all the people who helped me conduct the research, to the teachers who answered the questionnaires and to those who supported me in any other way. Introduction Definitions Method Methodology Traditional Methodology Modern Methodology Summary Opinions on Traditional and Modern Methodologies Introduction Opinions about Traditional Methodology Opinions about Modern Methodology The respondents Preferences Discussion Research Experiment Introduction and Background Why at a Basic School? Description of the Two Groups The Experiment A Review of The Experiment: A description in detail 1.

Introduction I decided to write a thesis on Traditional and Modern Teaching methodologies because I am a new teacher, and like all my colleagues at the end of their studies, I am facing an important decision.

According to Webster s Third New International Dictionary, methodology is a body of methods, procedures, working concepts, rules and postulates employed [...] in the solution of a problem or in doing something (Methodology).

This expression can be used as an equivalent to the words teaching and strategy.

However, in this thesis I will use one of the possible meanings of this term which is synonymous with methodology.

Since different people can have various concepts of these two expressions, I define them in detail in this section.

In this section, the traditional methodology and the modern methodology, as well as other terms, are clarified and a great number of valuable sources are referred to.

In section three, I will illustrate how the theory presented in the first chapter seems to work in reality from the students point of view.


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