Thesis On Service Quality In Banks

After testing the hypotheses using various techniques, it was found that service quality dimensions such as tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, empathy and assurance had significant positive impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.Similarly, one of the situational factors stated as years of relationship had significant positive relationship with customer satisfaction while another situational factor stated as frequency of visiting bank had a significant negative relationship with customer satisfaction.

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The terms are derived from the keywords and specific objectives that guide this study.

However, the term ‘consumer’, ‘customer’, and ‘client’ are used synonymously and interchangeably in the study.

Similarly, the policy makers can make future plans in banking sector based upon the information provided by the customers while iii doing this research.

In the same way, it can also contribute to other sectors by providing baseline information regarding service quality in Nepalese banking sector.

In order to collect data for analysis, 375 completely filled questionnaires were collected within one month.

The participants were asked to fill up the questionnaire form with face to face interaction.

Customers: a consumer who is willing to do business with the bank by securing a given product or service Intangibility: is the inability to touch or feel a product or service Listening: refers to the ability and willingness of client support staff to listen and understand issues that clients raise Product: this has been used in the context of this study to mean services the banks offer to customers Reliability: is the manner in which their clients trust the banks’ deliverables.

Responsiveness: is the ability to act promptly on clients’ complaints at the bank Servant leadership: the practice of giving direction and motivating staffs at the banking by giving them training and coaching that facilitate productivity.

The thesis tries to explore whether there exists any relationship between service quality dimensions, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty depending upon various situational factors.

Various concepts such as consumer buying behavior, buyer’s decision process, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, service quality, SERVQUAL model have been discussed along with relevant relationship between them in the literature review and based upon it, a conceptual model had been formulated stating the five different hypotheses (one of the hypothesis has been divided into two sub-hypothesis).


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