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The findings of the case study contribute to new knowledge on the relationship between information technology and local public financial management procedures and practices.

The notion of legitimacy games draws stark contrast to conventional assumptions surrounding competition in public sector outsourcing arrangements, namely that it is driven by the desire for larger contracts so as to maximize profits or that it bids down prices in government outsourcing.

After a thesis is published on the HSE website, it obtains the status of an online publication.

The Division “Microbial Typing” of the KNVM supports Ph D dissertations, covering subjects related to the (molecular) typing of microorganisms.

Stock prices’ biased responses happen when prices fail to reflect all available information.

A variety of studies have been done to investigate why stock prices underreact or overreact to earnings news.Always check with your thesis supervisor and academic unit.The full text of a thesis can be published in open access on the HSE website only if the authoring student (copyright holder) agrees, or, if the thesis was written by a team of students, if all the co-authors (copyright holders) agree.Each year, the division can award a maximum of 4 grants of 500 euro for members of the KNVM only.Become an expert in financial management or investment analysis.The case illustrates how behavioral incentives to link financial management information systems to public transparency and accountability mechanisms emerge in highly localized confrontations not as a concerted response to national policy.The real effect of such technologies on local state capacity has been limited in the case of Bangalore.Under such conditions, forms of collective action around political accountability in urban governance spur a double movement of information democratization and information closure in entrepreneurial issue networks.As a result, the extent of effective local government financial transparency becomes increasingly dependent on the internal characteristics and relative power of information gatekeepers.Please note: Procedures may vary depending on the academic unit and discipline.Not all these steps will necessarily be done in this sequence or at all, and the checklist may not be comprehensive for your particular discipline.


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