The Perfect Guy Essay

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Days pass by and Holly and her mother maintain a cold relationship, and Holly is offended by her interpretation of Adam's drawing of "Princess Holly". Her mother is humiliated and wants to stay, but Holly tells her to leave this once for herself, as she always has to move for her mother.

Her mother cannot argue with that so they start to pack.

As the charade continues, and as Holly spends more time with Ben while picking his brain for romance tips, she slowly begins to see qualities in Ben which make her believe he is her mother's "perfect man".

However, there is no way her mother can ever meet the real Ben without Holly's plan being exposed.

He hurts my feelings because he loves and cares about me, and wants me to learn that the truth hurts.

He randomly whispers sweet nothings in my ear in the store, he hugs me from behind, when I'm upset and pull away, he pulls me right back and makes me tell him what's wrong so he can cheer me up, he calls me at 12 AM just say Happy Birthday, he sings me...

D Salinger's classic read, "The Catcher in the Rye." He enjoys having long conversations, and watching film noir movies with me, he even enjoys those idiotic, nonsense films like "The Hangover," because it's so crazy it's funny.

He likes public displays of affection; not caring who sees our love and our infatuation with one another, he loves the way my hand perfectly fits in his, as though I was made just for him.

Holly, in an act of desperation, then disguises herself as Ben's secretary and arranges a meeting between Ben and her mother.

The next day, when Holly mistakenly thinks Ben is marrying someone else, she disrupts the wedding to tell Ben he should be with her mother, not knowing he was there because the bride is his dear friend and he was catering the wedding.


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