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In 1948 The New Yorker published Jackson’s “The Lottery,” which brought forth the largest volume of mail ever received by the magazine, almost all hateful ( Shirley Jackson's Bio).“The Lottery” was published at a time when America was scrambling for conformity.The end of World War II brought the most horrific event in all of modern history to be witnessed by the world; the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, and further, the Holocaust.

In the analyzation of short stories, the reader uses a brief imaginative narrative unfolding a single incident and a chief character by means of a plot, the details so compresses and the whole treatment so organized, a single impression results. Shirley Jackson develops her theme that people blindly follow traditions even if morally wrong in her short story, “The Lottery”, through the use of irony. Summers, the same person that conducts the Halloween program and the square dances.

To expose that The Lottery is such a complex work that even the author, Shirley Jackson couldn't explain it when questioned of its meaning. The ceremony ends quickly so the citizens can be done in time for lunch.

“It received a response that no New Yorker story had ever received” (Shirley Ann Jackson).

“There was a very conventional way of reading it; One that touches upon a basic human truth and offers fairly little offense to anyone; people were criticizing it and characterizing it by “bewilderment, speculation, old fashioned abuse” (The bothers In ancient time, tradition usually helped people to find their way and to develop their personalities.

In the story, the small town kept holding the lottery, while other towns refused to continue the lottery.

The towns’ refusal illustrated that the villagers in The 1940s in America sparked a new era in history concerning violence and warfare.

Bookstores were selling out of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”.

Homer quickly threw the book into the fireplace when he realized that the book could not tell him how to win the lottery, that it was a book about time old traditions, barbaric, but The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Analyzation encompasses the application of given criteria to a literary work to determine how efficiently that work employs the given criteria. ”, through the use of irony, symbolism, and allusion.

Division of Labor and Capitalism are huge themes in this story. “That was done pretty fast, and now we’ve The short story, "The Lottery," by Shirley Jackson is one pf the most shocking stories I have ever read.

And there is also the position that man is not yet so advanced that he still won't hesitate to perform acts of violence if it is acceptable to the general populace. It caused controversy when it was published in a New York newspaper and for good reason.


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