The Essay On Health Is Wealth

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Otherwise having a health and fitness routine can only be good for you and all the endeavors you want to make in your career or personal life.

Today’s world is all about health and fitness so every person has all the necessary tools they could ever need to make the best combination of diet and exercise for themselves.

Relationship between Health and Fitness: A good health means that a person is physically and mentally strong and fitness refers to the ability of the person to encounter the demands of the environment. Health and fitness is the real wealth a person should acquire to lead a peaceful and harmonious life.

The person possessing good health and fitness can enjoy his/her life completely. Eating balanced and healthy food in limited quantity and at the right time. Adequate sleeping and waking up early in the morning. A person without both, may face many difficulties and find their real money spend on their health issues rapidly. Health and fitness are not only about physical appearance or muscle, but it is also about being internally, mentally and emotionally fit that will largely influence your day to day life.

Health and fitness can be maintained through regular workouts, healthier food, and other healthier habits.

People often take the terms health and fitness as one and they do not think too much about the difference that is present in them.

Consequently, health and fitness can be regarded as a way to attaining control over our body.

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Health and fitness are two concepts that go hand in hand.

Our health is the totality of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


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