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Then he had rolled his eyes before handing it back to me. And while I did skip my teacher’s instruction to include footnotes, he made it clear that I was a loser. When I did, she reached across the table and took my hand.

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As a counselor, I often see the benefits and the heartbreaking results of parental choices. Esau’s desperate plea for his father’s approval can be heard in families today.

Her grip was incredibly soft, but once she held my hand, I couldn’t pull away without hurting her and making her cry. You do such a good job of using words when you write that I wouldn’t be surprised if God used your words someday to help people.” At that moment, she gave me a gift that continues to shape my life today.

She used the five elements of the biblical blessing to let me know I had worth: – My mom wasn’t perfect.

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Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.As your child grows, he or she may require a different type of affirmation.Part of showing children your approval and their value is figuring out how to affirm them in a way they can understand.She got tired and was frustrated with me at times, but I never doubted her love or commitment to me.Would you like to change the lives of your children?One way is to do what I call “the blessing.” This blessing has five distinct elements to build up your sons and daughters and help them understand their worth in your family and before God.Those five elements are: meant a hug in the morning.I’ll never forget sitting at her old kitchen table with my head down, waiting for what I expected would come next: She would echo the words of others: “Why can’t you do as well as your brother? ” That day, my teacher said even more than that with his actions.He had held my senior term paper as if it were covered in mold. That wasn’t my first D, but I’d worked really hard on that paper. “John, look at me.” She had already read my twin brother’s term paper — for which he had earned an A, as always. I raised my head, just enough for my eyes to meet hers.Sometimes it’s as if I hear the cry that Esau made when he found out his brother, Jacob, had taken his father’s blessing: “Esau said to his father, ‘Do you have only one blessing, my father? Kids thirst for parental acceptance — they long for their mother and father to reinforce their worth.Meeting your children’s need for affirmation doesn’t have to be difficult.


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