Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives Essay

Technology Is Taking Over Our Lives Essay-21
Some people believe that technology is negatively influencing the way people live and it is a manipulating tool as they are starting to control our lifestyle.Others, however, hold the view that it has a lot of benefits to the humankind, despite some cons. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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We are meant to control the technology, not being controlled by it.

If we do not become wary and more conscious, ' The Terminator' movie will become the reality when we will have to fight against the machine for our survival while machines will try to eradicate the human.

It can get catastrophic more than anyone could even think.

For example, everybody is using cellular devices these days, so they store their personal photos, contact details and even private files on their phones.

Besides, it has cut off people from society rather than connecting them.

Above all, it has taken away many jobs from the workers class.

For instance, mobile phones have been improved noticeably in terms of performance and usefulness.

Nowadays, they're being used in every aspect of life including paying bills, making reminders, taking notes, communicating online, surfing the internet and for many other practical purposes.

Thus, it is pretty easy for the hackers to hack into someone's phone and make them publicly available on the internet.

Online transaction fraud, malicious virus, health hazard, lack of personal and social bonding are thus attributed towards our inclination towards to technology.


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