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Start selling parts of your product before completing your full platform and Braga said you'll get market validation during your startup's growth stage and you'll start building revenue.

Start selling parts of your product before completing your full platform and Braga said you'll get market validation during your startup's growth stage and you'll start building revenue.She also said that, particularly as a female startup founder, having a good business plan and investors are critical."Your business plan eing a woman founder brings you some media attention, but it definitely doesn’t put you in a privileged place.

It’s cliché to say but you should handpick your investors, making sure that they don’t only share the same values as you do but that they also see women as capable leaders of successful companies." Glympse is a location-sharing app that has leveraged its consumer app into a business-facing startup play to help transform brick-and-mortar business with mobile location data at the point-of-sale (POS). Glympse CEO Bryan Trussel said that, when it comes to pitching to potential investors, 'pretty good' won’t hack it."Only the extreme outliers will get funded.

So, even if it's risky, go for the standout pitch," said Trussel. Five through nine is a five; they might remember you and say 'interesting,' but you’re done.

But PCMag has interviewed and profiled many innovative startups that have done just that.

We reached out to 10 successful startups and picked their founders' brains about what they've learned while building their companies.

But it is equally important to learn about how and why a company or an idea didn't make it." Baker is a startup known as the "Salesforce of cannabis," bringing CRM and marketing automation software to legal weed dispensaries.

The company has raised .5 million and is live in more than 250 dispensaries across 10 states and Canada.Button is a mobile commerce startup that has succeeded where most of the startups in the deep linking space have failed over the past few years.The mobile monetization platform has partnered with applications such as, Jet, Ticketmaster, and Uber to connect apps with brands for seamless mobile transactions and e-commerce purchases."The most important thing I've learned in building our current business is that the best people not only prefer but insist upon disciplined execution, not a 'fun startup environment' with a ping pong table and no rules.This isn't to say don't have fun at work—we have a lot—but rather, don't mistake having fun at work with not taking the work you do seriously."Co-founder Mike Dudas, Button's Chief Revenue Officer, added that you shouldn't be afraid to use your network when growing your startup.He said they should be prepared to hear "no" from investors and to spend time building VC relationships before you start fundraising; keep networking until you secure your funding."Investors are incentivized to wait until the round is almost full before committing; it makes it less risky for them to participate.As a result, getting the first check is the hardest," said Milton."Most VCs invest in 1 percent of the deals that come across their desk.That means, if you’re one of the entrepreneurs pitching them, you need to be prepared to hear 'no' a lot.""Don’t just find your top 5-10 investors and assume 50 percent of them will participate in your round," Milton continued.These startups fall all along the emerging tech spectrum—from artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and drones to healthcare, mobile commerce, security, and even legal cannabis tech.But the tech wisdom and business plan tips they offer could make the difference between an ambitious swing-and-a-miss or the next big startup unicorn.


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