Sythesis Essay

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The supporting paragraphs should be presented according to how strongly they support the thesis.

If your sources agree, can you create something bigger from the ideas they discuss?

If they disagree, can you find a common element to build upon?

A synthesis essay lets a writer use ideas from two or more sources and combine them to make something new and different.

Information from your sources should be presented clearly in your own words.

You might need to do more research to support your ideas. Once your outline is roughed out, write a sentence for your thesis and each supporting idea.

Sythesis Essay

These sentences are the basis for paragraphs that develop your thesis.Build on this framework, using facts and concepts from your sources.The use of supporting material forces you to stay on track. Format your work so the thesis appears first, then follow the thesis paragraph with material that supports your idea in a logical fashion.A clear, logical structure will strengthen your essay.Write an informal outline to make sure you cover all your points.A background essay may not call for any new ideas, while a thesis essay not only requires new ideas but can also be controversial.Begin by collecting ideas from two or more sources, then use them to develop your own concepts. Look at what other writers have had to say about the subject.In some way, the topic of your future essay depends on what you want to accomplish by your paper and the sources you rely on.Some students find it a lot easier to write the synthesis essay based on the already specified materials, while others prefer to pick all the sources by themselves and have the freedom to choose a topic they want.One of the useful tips to bear in mind is that your sources should be somehow linked to one another.When searching for sources, you should pay attention to the most relevant and exciting ones — that way you’ll be able to come up with a tentative list of synthesis topics to write about, from which you will be able to choose the best one.


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