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This essay question makes you stop and think about what it is that makes you who you are.” So, why has Stanford posed this question for so long?Stanford GSB Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions & Financial Aid, Kirsten Moss, discussed what MBA Admissions really wants at the Centre Court MBA Festival in San Francisco in 2017.

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Devote essay A to talk about past and present, and talk about the future in essay B. You might surprise yourself in recognizing an unconscious method to the madness of your life!

Both essays need to be coherent and could read as a single story.” Our expert coaches at Fortuna Admissions offer guidance on how to best approach the structure of these questions, while persuasively relaying your narrative: Look back at all of your responses, including what you originally jotted down as your gut response. Think about soliciting friends and family for anecdotes about you that may not be front of mind.

Stanford recommends targeting between 750 to 1,150 words to address this essay and a secondary question, “Why Stanford?

” Perhaps you feel you can answer the first part of the question with one word, with things like knowledge, relationships or chocolate.

You will be one step ahead of the game in terms of being able to motivate others.” So what matters most to you, and why?

Listen first to your instinctive gut response and jot it down -– we’ll revisit it momentarily.Stanford has gained significant insight into applicants by asking, “What matters most, …Stanford Graduate School of Business pioneered the open-ended personal essay and has continued that tradition this year. ” is a simple question that can lead you down many paths. Stanford Graduate School of Business has followed the lead of the majority of top MBA programs and has reduced the essay count for this year’s application.But the belly of the question, the part that discloses your life’s calling and singularly uniquejourney for getting there, requires significant reflection.Why does that particular thing matter to you more than any other?The Stanford GSB MBA admissions website provides clear guidance and advice for what to …This elegant query embodies the sentiment ‘simple but not easy.’ It demands a level of profound self-awareness and unapologetic authenticity that can overwhelm the most excellence-driven applicant in the hopes of conveying something distinctive, intelligent and resonant.As my Fortuna colleague Sharon Joyce highlighted in Writing a Powerful MBA Essay, “There is no right story other than your own.And the person best poised to tell that story is you.” Push yourself to be vulnerable, genuine and distinctive.You can totally stay in your pjs all day if that’s your …Stanford Graduate School of Business has announced the essay questions for this year’s application, which remain the same as in previous admissions cycles.


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