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Athletes are not just athletes — they are complex humans with varied talents and experiences, many of which are worth exploring in essay form.Still, it is impractical to think that students who devote thirty hours or more of their lives each week to a sport, won’t feel compelled to write about their passion for soccer or aptitude for tennis or cheerleading. Sports teach valuable skills like leadership, teamwork and discipline.

If the answer is yes, find another way in; add another twist; push towards a more compelling and creative conclusion.

So, yes, you can write a sports essay — it just has to be a sports essay unlike any other.

You need to be able to make composed and reasonable arguments that are backed by reliable scientific facts and help to shed new light on various sporting subjects like the function of the anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, exercise nutrition and the principles of training.

However, some individuals find it difficult to surmise their thoughts and ideas into an academic essay and are more at home performing and excelling in various exercises than preparing and researching for an assignment.

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