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Homework can also make the students remember and make them understand more clearly the lessons that they are taking up at school.These are just the main reasons why homework is important for the students.They have until the following week to turn get the activities done ( which take about 3 minutes ).

When I visited with my grad school friends they told me theirs did the same.

So, naturally we all passed out those skill specific worksheets at the end of each session.

I was couldn’t wait to pass them out and see my students’ progress soar! I soon realized that only a small handful of students ever turned in the homework, that is of course if they didn’t lose it.

So, I pose the question: Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Other educators disagree with this and say the time spent at school is not enough so homework has to be given.

Studies have shown that homework is important for the students because it can create good study habits and positive attitude towards learning as they grow older.Some educators even agree that homework is not recommended to be given to the students.They say that the student will be saturated with school work and has to be given time for fun and recreation.My first year working in my school I was so excited!I had binders of worksheets labeled, sorted, and ready to go.Homework can improve the study habits of a student.This means that the student can create a good time management at home.This homework bundle is so comprehensive it’s crazy.Each week, for 10 months ( a school year ) there is a homework sheet.– Helps students practice and reinforce skills from therapy. – Helps students make faster, more steady progress of targeted skills.– If homework doesn’t get done or is lost then no practice or reinforcement of skills is had.


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