Special Duty Assignment Pay Air Force

Special Duty Assignment Pay Air Force-16
We should have nomination rosters out to the MAJCOMs today for dissemination to unit commanders.

Other dental officers may be extended bonus offer at Service discretion, if they otherwise meet above eligibility requirements. medical officers on active duty (regardless if in internship training, regardless of specialty or remaining obligated service), as broad-based incentive to increase numbers of physicians remaining on active duty after completion of ADSO for advanced training.

Payment ranges from $1.2K to $12K a year, paid out monthly, determined by years of creditable service (except set amount is paid to O-7s and above, regardless of years of creditable service). Additional pay for all medical officers on active duty who have completed internship or initial residency training, regardless of specialty, if they agree to remain on active duty for additional 12 month period, to bring more into 6-7 year window when they would be eligible for higher pays in private sector, thereby encouraging longer periods of retention.

The first step for Airmen in the DSD assignment process is an eligibility notification letter from AFPC that says the Airman meets basic eligibility requirements and the nomination window is open.

Expect to start seeing these emails from my Pers pop up in your inbox beginning next week. For detailed information about the DSD program and process, just click the link to visit our website.

Currently, Navy SUBPAY rates range from $75 to $835 per month. Financial incentive to retain a sufficient number of qualified physicians to meet armed forces health care requirements.

Up to K per year for 4-year agreement payable to physicians with over 8 years creditable service, or who have completed their ADSO incurred for medical education and training, and initial residency training, and are below pay grade O-7.

Payment is flat 0 per month For performance of hazardous duty involving regular participation as a member of a team conducting VBSS operations aboard vessels in support of maritime interdiction operations. Only Navy members (among Do D Services) perform duty that qualifies for this pay Financial incentive for officers to serve as military aviators throughout a military career.

Payment ranges from 5 to 0 per month, determined by years of aviation service as an officer. Financial incentive to retain qualified, experienced officer aviators who have completed their Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) to remain on active duty for a specified period of additional service.

Discretionary pay; all Military Departments use this bonus authority.

To attract and retain adequate number of dental officers to meet armed forces' health care needs.


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