Solving Word Problems With Quadratic Equations

Solving Word Problems With Quadratic Equations-50
Step IV: Solve this equation to obtain the value of the unknown in the set to which it belongs.x = -5 does not satisfy the conditions of the problem length or breadth can never be negative. In solving a problem, each root of the quadratic equation is to be verified whether it satisfies the conditions of the given problem. Note that the second value could have been gotten by changing the sign on the extraneous solution.

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Warning: Many students get in the very bad habit of arbitrarily changing signs to get the answers they need, but this does not always work, and will very likely get them in trouble later on.

Take the extra half a second to find the right answer the right way.

Find the number of girls present in the Sports Meet.

In the Annual Sports Meet in a girls’ school, the girls present in the meet, when arranged in a solid square has 16 girls less in the front row, than when arranged in a hollow square 4 deep.

Had the speed been 15 km/hour more it would have taken 30 minutes less for the journey. Solution(6) From a group of 2x black bees , square root of half of the group went to a tree.

Again eight-ninth of the bees went to the same tree.

The standard form of a quadratic equation is ax² bx c.

To solve this problem, we just need 2 important concepts about quadratic equations.

We know the roots of the quadratic equation ax\(^\) bx c = 0, where a ≠ 0 can be obtained by using the quadratic formula x = \(\frac\).1. Solution: Let the speed of the boat in still water be x km/hour.

A boat can cover 10 km up the stream and 5 km down the stream in 6 hours.


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