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You can also evaluate expressions, factor polynomials, combine/multiply/divide expressions.

You can step by step solve your algebra problems online - equations, inequalities, radicals, plot graphs, solve polynomial problems.

A solution for such a system must satisfy every equation and inequality in the system.

An equation can often be solved by successively deducing from it one or more simpler equations.

Some equations have no solutions in a given number system, but have a solution in a larger system.

For example, the solution of x 1 = 0 is an integer, not a whole number; the solution of 2x 1 = 0 is a rational number, not an integer; the solutions of x)/2)h, can be solved for h using the same deductive process.For example, one can add the same constant to both sides without changing the solutions, but squaring both sides might lead to extraneous solutions.Strategic competence in solving includes looking ahead for productive manipulations and anticipating the nature and number of solutions.Conventions about the use of parentheses and the order of operations assure that each expression is unambiguous.Creating an expression that describes a computation involving a general quantity requires the ability to express the computation in general terms, abstracting from specific instances.Under each lesson you will find theory, examples and video lessons.Mathplanet hopes that you will enjoy studying Algebra 2 online with us!If your math homework includes equations, inequalities, functions, polynomials, matrices this is the right trial account. Include everything above plus finding limits (lim), sums, matrices.Solve all type of trigonometric (sin, cos, tan, sec, scs, cot) expressions, equations, inequalities. Solve integral problems - definite, indefinite integrals.Reading an expression with comprehension involves analysis of its underlying structure.This may suggest a different but equivalent way of writing the expression that exhibits some different aspect of its meaning.


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