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I could then hook it to my computer and download my writing to a text file.

Maybe you never cared to write as a child, but now find you have a knack for it.

Or, maybe you have no writing skills, but there’s a story in your head begging to be told. Computers are the tool of choice thanks to the ease with which they allow us to type, correct, and (of course) copy and paste.

(The “Cloud” being any online storage system.) Others would rather stay in the Cloud because of the ability it gives them to bounce between devices as they write. Although you may not think much about it, you have a writing style.

Then you have the coffee-shop-writers, the lock-myself-in-my-room writers, the multiple-drafts writers, and the edit-as-you-go writers. I’m not talking about how you string together your sentences; I’m talking about how you work when it comes to writing.

Back then, “electronics” consisted of clock-radios, boom boxes, radar detectors and electric typewriters. Whenever I wasn’t helping customers, I was reading the booklets to learn how to use them. I married a man who loves technology as much as I do, and we’ve always had at least one computer in our home.

At one time I purchased a portable word processor that let me see four lines of text at a time.

One of my most prized possessions is a red, portable Underwood typewriter.

I have no idea how old it is because I can’t find anything exactly like it online.

Today you have your choice: a one-time charge for the download of Word alone, or a small monthly fee to get Word and a few other Microsoft Office programs through the Cloud.

The perk of using the cloud-based option is the ability to collaborate with others in real-time.


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