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There are issues which arise when delivering these health care services. The origins of these disparities are multi-factorial and the greatest contributors are associated with the social and ecological determinants of indigenous health.It has been established that offering cultural safety training to medical specialist can be one way of reducing these disparities.They help the patients and their families deal with the issues that come with hospitalization (Derr 2009, p. Their principles and ethics revolve around evidence-based study and teaching initiatives within their programs which partners with educational institutions.

Social Work is loyal to these essential values: Social work is based on reverence for the inbuilt value and self-respect of all people, and the rights that follow from this.

Social workers ought to support and guard each person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual uprightness and welfare.

There are numerous alarms and problems which can crop up for patients as they take medication and plan for their future.

In a hospital setting, social workers have values, ethics and principles to uphold.

Social worker working in a hospital provides services to in-patient, out-patient and programs of the community.

Encountering changes and difficulties with your health can be a very hard and worrying moment for patients and their family.

Cultural competence is vital for health experts who struggle to deliver the greatest level of health care to all patients.

This concept is also applicable to linguistically and culturally diverse patients.

These principles and ethics help them maintain a favorable hospital setting.

They provide help to patients and their families with regard to the extensive range of individual concerns and pragmatic needs which may occur during treatment.


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