Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Given the importance of sleep for both physical and mental health, both teens and adults should consider whether their smartphone use is interfering with their sleep, Twenge said.

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“Our body is going to try to meet its sleep needs, which means sleep is going to interfere or shove its nose in other spheres of our lives.

Teens may catch up with naps on the weekend or they may start falling asleep at school,” said Zlatan Krizan, psychologist at Iowa State University in the US.

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The study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, also found that the more time young people reported spending online, the less sleep they got.

Teens who spent five hours a day online were 50 per cent more likely to not sleep enough than their peers who only spent an hour online each day, researchers said.

I personally feel that starting school early in the day is asking a lot for students like myself.

I have noticed that it is very difficult for me to perform so early in the morning.

What are some of the sleep disorders that cause sleep deprivation? I plan to address all of these issues in this paper.

This may encourage the adolescents to get on a regular sleep schedule, wake up a little bit later, and therefore get more sleep.


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