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Drawbacks of Scientific Management School of Thought: (a) Basic scientific management principles revolve around the operational level problems and do not focus on managerial issues essential for managing an organization.

That is why it is often said that scientific management approach is more about engineering than management.(b) While framing the principles, assumptions about workers only consider that they are rational and primarily driven for their desire to fulfil material gains.

Therefore, ideally reporting relationship of one subordinate should be with one superior. Its literal meaning is a straight chain of command that extends unbroken from the ultimate officer to the lowest ranks.

Centralization reduces the role of the subordinates in decision making, decentralization enhances it.

Henri Fayol, the French industrialist, through his pioneering work on ‘General and Industrial Management’ explained that satisfactory results can be achieved with scientific forecasting and proper methods of management.

Fayol at the outset, classified business operation of an organization into six activities and then outlined fourteen principles of management.

Motion study, on other hand, involves study of movements in doing a job, in parts and eliminates wasteful movements and retains only necessary movements.

In other way, it makes a job simple, easier and better.

In fact, time and motion study concepts were developed by F. Taylor in association with Frank and Lillian Gilberth.

Like Taylor, Frank Gilberth is known as the father of motion study.


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