Short Essay On Conservation Of Trees

Short Essay On Conservation Of Trees-21
Our very survival is dependent on the protection of trees because oxygen is provided by the trees along with inhaling carbon- dioxide.Trees are actually the most selfless living beings that survive on Earth.They serve all the living- beings without asking for anything in return.

As the term suggests, green conservation means conserving the greenery; the trees and the entire plantation around us.

It is common sense that it is not easy to survive without the help of the plants and the trees around us but still we need to make a few individuals understand again and again about the significance of green conservation.

Not only are trees burnt down but thousands of wild animals are killed in the horrendous task of burning of the forests.

The natural cycle is affected by deforestation and furthermore devastated with the wild animals which are molested to death with the never- ending fire.

Planting Conservation Trees in marginal areas of agricultural land attracts wildlife, sequesters carbon, and helps with flood control.

Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to plant trees as an integral part of production agriculture.

These levels are the canopy, herb, shrub, understory, and the forest floor. This is where photosynthesis takes place and it’s also where the leafy tops of the trees are.

This layer is home to a variety of insects and squirrels. This is made up of smaller trees and is home to birds and climbing animals.

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