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A nice creative activity Do The Nonagon– a funny You Tube video about polygon names 2D Shape Names Prezi– an engaging Prezi showing 2D shape names Polygon Shape Properties Top Trumps– a wonderful collection of Top Trump cards based on shape properties of polygons 2D Shape Reveal Game– an excellent game where a 2D shape is slowly revealed and pupils have to guess the shape from it’s properties Maths Net 3D Shape Resources– a selection of excellent interactive applets based on 3D shape activities. Language of Angle Facts Worksheet– a worksheet containing diagrams of basic angle facts with blank space for pupils to accurately write the fact using the correct mathematical language.

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A solution sheet can be printed to assist the children if they are struggling.

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Each of these solids is made up with 3 squares and a triangle around each vertex. – an investigation into calculating the speed of the planets in our solar system.NRich Curvy Areas– a fantastic activity where pupils have to use circle areas to calculate segment areas in a pattern with a very interesting result! – a stunning Geogebra applet that shows where the formula for the area of a circle comes from Angles in a semicircle are 90 degrees – interactive geometry applet Angles in the same segment are equal – interactive geometry applet The angle subtended at the centre of a circle is double the size of the angle subtended at the edge from the same two points – interactive geometry applet The perpendicular from the centre to the chord bisects the chord – interactive geometry applet The angle between the tangent and radius is 90 degrees – interactive geometry applet Tangents from a point outside the circle are equal in length – interactive geometry applet Opposite angles in a cyclic quadrilateral add up to 180 degrees – interactive geometry applet Alternate segment theorem – interactive geometry applet Circle Theorems Bingo– another stunning resource from the amazing Draw Me a Rocket!The questions within each booklet have been selected so that they meet the current test requirements.This means that I have omitted questions that are no longer relevant to primary maths and I have added extra questions to ensure that the newer topics are adequately covered.Includes cubes, spheres, cuboids, cylinders, cones and pentagonal-based pyramids and hexagonal-based pyramids.This resource is available to download with a Taster subscription.Pause the video and ask pupils to identify the order of rotational symmetry Rotational Symmetry in Synchronised Swimming Video– a video of the Sydney 2000 Japanese Olympic synchronised swimming team featuring rotational symmetry Rotational Symmetry on Flashy Maths– a wonderful Flashy Maths applet showing the concept of rotational symmetry Reflection B-boy Dancing Video– a You Tube video of B-boy dancing with line (or more accurately, plane) symmetry Transformation Station– a super Flashy Maths game about transformations Amazing Transformations Resources– Truly awesome transformations resources. Effect of enlargement factor and centre of enlargement on enlargement transformations– interactive applet Vital Vectors Crosswind Landings– a problem based on using vectors to understand how aircraft land in crosswinds.Uses trigonometry Check If A Ship Is On Course Using Trigonometry Maths In Work Video– a superb video showing how you can use trigonometry to check if a ship is on course Trigonometry Pile Up– a challenging trigonometry puzzle! – a brilliant activity where you use spaghetti to derive the sine and cosine curves Units Card Sort– a card sort where you can get pupils to group similar units.Children will be given a variety of challenges to work through as they move the pieces of the tangram around to make pictures of animals, people and objects, as well as other 2D shapes. Whether you want an individual lesson or a complete scheme of work, our teaching packs come with a detailed lesson plan that walks you through an engaging input, a slideshow presentation to go with it, differentiated activity ideas, and — in most cases — a range of printable resources such as worksheets, activity cards or writing frames.If anything else is required, you'll be able to see at a glance, as everything you need is listed at the top of every plan!


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