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That is, the analysis should demonstrate how the dominant elements cause the reader's emotional reaction that is the basis of the determination of tone.

Often, this analysis will center on character and conflict.

Be aware, though, that most stories do not have a deceptive use of tone.

Dominant Elements Most all of the elements of fiction contribute to the achievement of tone.

For analytical purposes, the reader should develop two or three dominant elements.

The reader should show how the chosen elements work to achieve the tone of the story.The C exam will use the paragraph by paragraph structure, and the B and A exams will use the integrated discussion of the related elements. The tearjerker is one of the more obvious examples of the use of tone.What elements of the movie (character, conflict, setting, etc.) are used to produce the viewer's tearful reaction? Dominant Elements Analyzing Tone Qualifying to Write the C Exam Writing the Assignment 8 and C Exam Analysis Sample Assignment 8 and C Exam Analyses ASSIGNMENT 8 REQUIREMENTS Guidelines for Submitting Your Assignment Files What Is Tone?Some, though, will be more instrumental than others.These more important elements are known as the dominant elements.Only later does the reader discover the horrific nature of the occasion, so that Jackson is able to deceive the reader by leading the reader's logical expectations astray at the beginning of the story.When an author purposefully intends to deceive a reader to heighten the emotional impact of the ending, this effect is called a deceptive use of tone and the corresponding tone is ironic.For example, one might conclude: The tone of Mansfield's "Miss Brill" is sympathetic and compassionate.Sometimes an author will attempt to trick the reader.A contrary or ironic setting might be used to mislead a reader, as in "The Lottery." Then, the outcome is more shocking.For example, Shirley Jackson begins her story with a pleasant summertime setting and a gathering of village residents for a social occasion.


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