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What to observe – include the value of the variable as per the regular business plan, the value of the decision variables, and value of the variable after going through between two different strategies applied The process is repeated to the rest of the inputs until the sensitivity figure for each of the inputs is fulfilled.

It depends heavily upon the analysis to measure and plan the business operations as well as forecasting their financial impact while considering a different set of assumptions.

Financial planning and analysis or FP&A experts are likely to monitor, analyze, and help manage the financing needed to meet certain obligations, tracking and analyzing cash flow, analyzing the financial statements along with other financial and operational data that are important and might be affected to certain changes in scenarios.

Since most of all the decisions aren’t definite, to conduct a sensitivity analysis will be a great tool to test various assumptions in different simulations, arriving at the most optimal solution or answer about the uncertainties in decision making.

There are many more uses that a sensitivity analysis is built for, such as: Building a sensitivity analysis model isn’t as simple as it sounds.

All the data provided will be a great reference to come up with the best decision and also can be fully utilized repeatedly to conduct a sensitivity analysis.

The model will help the user to understand the risks and benefits, uncertainties, limitations, and scope of the model.Here’s a breakdown: Sensitivity analysis: Sensitivity analysis is the process of tweaking one key input or driver in a financial model and seeing how sensitive the model output (e.g.the NPV or the IRR) is to the change in that variable.By running a variable through different scenarios or circumstances, you’ll be able to determine how sensitive the output is and also find out how to keep the inputs constant.In other words, sensitivity analysis is the task of calculating the uncertainty of a financial model while considering different sources of inputs.When planning to conduct a sensitivity analysis, one needs to note down these parameters: Basic structure – includes a combination of assumptions that are to be varied, ensuring which and how many assumptions are needed at a period, assigning values before the simulation, analyzing the correlations of the values, etc.What to vary – set of different assumptions that can be chosen to vary in the model, such as the number of activities, objective in relation to the risk assumed and the projected profits, technical ratios, number of constraints and limits, etc.Sensitivity analysis is a very useful tool to analyze the impact of any changes in key assumptions on the key output of the model, such as the NPV and IRR.It is also known as the “what-if” analysis since you have to go through a series of what-ifs to run different simulations and determine the impact of each assumption.In most cases, financial modelers consider building a sensitivity analysis better to determine and evaluate the extent to which changes in assumptions and inputs affect various outputs of interest, such as revenues, net income, free cash flows, and many more value key drivers.Here, we will focus on discussing more regarding Sensitivity Analysis and how to build a model that allows you to conduct a sensitivity analysis.


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