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However, there is some disagreement as to the best policies for making a school safe.Locker searches are one tool schools have to ensure that students are following school policies, but they are not without drawbacks.

Because students may keep personal items in their lockers, such as photographs and personal letters, even a search with the best intentions can appear to be a major breach of trust by teachers and administrators, causing a rift between the student body and the faculty.

School locker searches also consume valuable time for administrators, security guards and teachers who conduct them.

The primary advantage of locker searches is their effectiveness.

Finding contraband material such as stolen property, drugs or weapons in a student's locker is an easy way to establish guilt and know which students to punish for theft or other violations of school policy.

When our class of seniors graduates, not only C-285 but a whole hallway of lockers will remain empty, gutted of their souls.

Over the four years, these inanimate structures have gained the personalities of their growing inhabitants - some almost empty, others adorned with advertisements of stunningly handsome people, others with books and supplies stacked neatly.We need need neeed need neeed need need need need neeed need need neeed neeed need ;ockers now my back is so oooo going to break in a minute im going to die humans help me ee eee e e e eee eee e ee e e e ee we need lockers now !Parents, teachers and students generally agree that a school needs to be a safe place where students can focus on the important work of learning.Evidence that a locker search was conducted based on real evidence of a potential threat can strengthen a school's case even more.Opposing Side- Random Locker Searches The IV amendment states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause..." This means that a person will not have their private property searched or taken without a warrant or probable cause.If a school decides to institute a locker search policy, there is the added need for time to bring the issue up at a school board or parent-teacher association meetings, along with the time and effort to send notices to students and parents alerting them of the new policy.School locker searches may also run into any one of a number of legal issues.Whether cans of pineapple juice or smudged charcoal drawings, it accepts them all into its welcoming mouth.I have decorated the narrow 10.3 inches inside the door with personal clippings.The administrators should not be allowed to go through the lockers purchased by the students for a whole year.The items in the lockers are the private property of the students and therefore should not be handled, looked at, inspected, confiscated, or otherwise by the administration.


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