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We do have enough money for a down payment for a condo in a school district we would be happy to send our kids to.

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Some people and kids are very open about not living in the district and others are cautious about who they share that info with. Personally, I wouldn't want to teach my kids to be dishonest to get what they want, but then again, I'm lucky to live in the Berkeley School district and have not had to fear my children's school choices. One other issue with using the investment property - playdates become VERY awkward.

You can never invite people to your house for a playdate or sleepover because you are trying to hide the fact you don't live in the district.

Berkeley requires 3 proofs: utility bills, driver's license, checking account bills, etc. Residency policies and procedures vary widely by district, but in all cases they are looking to see that you are a resident, not an owner, in the district.

This is an ugly issue for schools, one that is primarily about money.

You have the legal right to step out of the system; you do not have the legal right to subvert it.

--a mom (and a former public school administrator and teacher) I know of a family who did this exact thing, and I heard that they got caught.

(One Bay Area district saved million dollars in two years by tracking down residency cheaters.) I share all this in kindness.

I hate the system that allows some students to get a great education just because of where they live, forces others to get a poor one just because of where they live, and allows others with the socioeconomic wherewithal to get around the system and choose.

Just don't do it in Albany..practically waterboard you into admitting where you live and follow you home with bloodhounds. Good luck and now that I've probably offended 1/2 the readers, I'll go now. Here's the long answer: Schools are required by state law to verify ''residency,'' not ownership.

erin Check with the school district first about proof of residency. anon Nearly every city with a desirable school district requires that you are an actual resident, not just property owner (trust me, that is the case in Lamorinda and Piedmont, we looked into it! Sad but true Go to the school district website and see what proof you need to provide. I think one is your car insurance and driver's really sure I think you should set up everything as if you are really living there at least for the time from registration to the first day of school. Residency checks can include not only property ownership or rental agreements but also W-2 forms, current paychecks, driver's licenses (or state ID cards), or vehicle registration documents.


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