Schindler List Essay

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Spielberg shot in black and white and approached the film as a documentary.These secret groups in the ghettos faced very difficult problems, such as smuggling arms into the ghetto, training the fighters under the harsh conditions, and creating a method for putting Jew fighters on guard in case of any action of the Nazis.In the movie, Jew workers purposefully fought back at and tested some Nazis even though they knew it meant eminent death for them.In Auschwitz Jewish workers were forced to dispose of the bodies of gas chamber victims in most cases by cremating the bodies, but could do nothing to stop these killings.In the movie there is few uprising physically by the Jews, but those resistances that did occur completely contradicted the statement.The large acts of resistance such as armed struggles, hiding and evading Nazi officers, and attempting escapes from enclosed ghettos deeply impacted the Nazis plans. The movie Schindler’s List contradicts the statement, “Jews went like sheep to the slaughter.” In the movie, there were many acts of resistance toward the Nazis by the Jews.In the movie, most slaughter houses contained Jews that tried but couldn’t escape as they were either unable to or were quickly disposed of by the Nazis.In underground ghettos, secret organizations were formed.The purpose of such organizations was to wage armed struggle, that is, to stage an uprising in the ghetto or to break out of a closed ghetto by the use of brutal force.Also, secret schools were created for Jews secretly by other rebel Jews.Jews helped each other to survive secretly, helping each other with work, exchanging food, teaching each other and even passing secrets to each other.


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