Sat Essay About Truth

In order to have success in the college admissions process, parents and students need to first separate fact from fiction.

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In fact, it can be a red flag to admissions officers if a student’s grades and test scores are wildly unmatched.

That’s not to say that standardized test scores aren’t important.

A score that’s too low could send a student on the cusp of admission to the “no” pile pretty quickly.

It’s important to do well on standardized test scores, but it’s not the only thing to focus on.

Through test prep sophomore year and earlier in junior year, students can get a refresher on the content they’ve already covered – allowing them to take the test earlier and have more time for adjustments.

Also, they can learn test-taking strategies and tips that don’t necessarily require prior knowledge of the content.

For example, on the ACT science section, most questions have little to do with scientific knowledge.

What students need to know is how to synthesize and analyze information and graphs.

Also, with finals and AP exams on top of extracurricular activities and challenging courses, spring of junior year can leave students stretched thin – which can hurt test prep and performance.

The truth is, many students will have covered the most frequently tested concepts on the SAT and ACT by sophomore year of high school, so for some students it can be better to take the test a little earlier if they’re ready.


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