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Moreover, the two young lovers’ conflict with the hostile social conformity ends with their untimely deaths.These tragic losses make the entire play as if it is only a play of deaths.Tybalt kills Mercutio though it was not intentional.

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It is Lord Capulet who selects Paris as his daughter’s future husband. Perhaps the most blatant example of the rule of men in the play is the feud between Lord Capulet and Lord Montague.

Although their wives don’t harbor any ill-will toward each other, the two Lords force their families to support them in their pointless dispute and keep up their enmity against each other. In many ways, “Romeo and Juliet” shows the journey of the two lovers from their initial, love-filled meeting up to their death.

Both Romeo and Juliet’s ideas of love change drastically during the play.

Juliet has no real idea of love at the beginning of the play, and at such a young age has only really experience the paternal love of the nurse and her parents.

Mercutios view of love in Romeo and Juliet is mainly physical, like the nurse, but he also appears to be very level headed, in his queen mab story, this is evident.

The nurse also shows her views when she announces that Juliet will ‘fall upon her back’ when she is older, referring to sex.She shows this when she speaks favourably for Paris looks and nobility, also she displays that she does not love Capulet when she publicly denounces him.Paris also has a similar view of love, although his love for Juliet appears to be pure, he regards her more as property and is more interested in her appearance.They illustrate the triumph of an individual’s will over social customs.On a metaphorical level, this courage highlights the threat that young love poses to the absurd social traditions.The young lovers’ struggle against their respective families is the most important theme.By opting for individual fulfillment as opposed to social traditions, both Romeo and Juliet refuse to follow the commands of their families.However, instead of portraying an idyllic romance, this timeless play presents tragic themes governing human life.A few central themes in “Romeo and Juliet” are discussed below.Benvolios’ view on love is interchangeable, and he sees love as something you feel for the duration a relationship, but also believes that a man should feel and display no grief if he is initially rejected by a woman, or at the end of a relationship.In contrast with this are the views of Lady Capulet, who believes love comes from appearance, both physical and political.


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