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While Hawthorne criticizes Puritanism in The Scarlet Letter by praising love and emotions that triumph over authority and religious beliefs, here in "Young Goodman Brown," Hawthorne's criticism is expressed through the doubt and collapse of faith in what is considered as the symbols of the good according to Puritanism.Next, we need to examine how Hawthorne has used the romance narrative to serve his purpose of the story.

Outside of church, however, Puritans were quite fond of music and encouraged it in certain ways.

The excessively strict and somewhat extremist principles of the Puritan dogmatism are the reasons for Hawthornes criticism in his stories.

As for the characters, Hawthorne also shows his flexibility in his treatment with the romance narrative.

Frye states, the characterization of romance follows its general dialectic structure, which means that subtlety and complexity are not much favored.

The central tenet of Puritanism was God's supreme authority over human affairs, particularly in the church, and especially as expressed in the Bible.

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This view led them to seek both individual and corporate conformance to the teaching of the Bible, and it led them to pursue both moral purity down to the smallest detail as well as ecclesiastical purity to the highest level.

At the level of the church body, the Puritans believed that the worship in the church ought to be strictly regulated by what is commanded in the Bible (known as the regulative principle of worship).

The Puritans condemned as idolatry many worship practices regardless of the practices' antiquity or widespread adoption among Christians, which their opponents defended with tradition.

His faith has collapsed, he has nothing left to cling to, and he gives himself up to the devil.

In this case, the third stage at the end of the adventures is a tragic one a reversion of exaltation: goodman Browns collapse.


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