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They work on lower wages and feel grateful to their masters, unaware of the fact that their masters are the one exploiting them.

On the contrary, a rich person never gives up until he succeeds in meeting his targets.

They are always busy in finding new ways to convert their plans into success.

Exercise also creates a positive attitude towards life with a body full of zeal and enthusiasm.

Wealthy people know that this reduces their stress level and makes them think more clearly about their endeavours.

Take a look, adopt them, and you will surely achieve success in life.

These two lines might sound the same to you at first but they contain a big difference.What you focus on will grow so your goals should be for something not away from one.That is why you see that a rich person is more successful in exploring new things than a poor one because he aims to conquer instead of avoiding the defeat.Planning and execution are both mandatory for accomplishing goals.Poor people make many plans but fail to execute them.It is only because of their hard work we lead a peaceful life. A billionaire and a beggar both have 24 hours in a day.How can a poor even dream of changing his financial status.More than half of his day is wasted in doing lower level and low paid jobs.But it is the application and management of these hours that makes you rich or leaves you living below the poverty line.Well, even if you are capable of handling your working hours well, it doesn’t mean that you will save more and become rich one day.


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