Revising Your Dissertation Edited By Beth Luey

We have adopted a policy of charging a typesetting fee based on the page count of the typeset pages.

For monographs this fee is $1.50/page (thus $375 for a 250-page volume), and for multi-authored volumes the fee is $4/page (thus $1,000 for a 250-page volume).

This strategy has the author sharing a small part of the typesetting costs with the publisher.

This does not cover our costs for editing, cover design, printing, binding, marketing, advertising, and other costs.

Some publishers employ all three of these strategies.

A revised dissertation published by a European academic publisher typically is only available in hardback, has a retail price of 0 to 0, and the author receives no royalties.Because of limited market potential, the financing of volumes published in academic imprints is handled in different ways by publishers.One way is to pay the author no royal- ties; the key problem with this is that the author has no stake in the success of the book.A second way is to charge very high retail prices; the key problem is that this limits sales solely to libraries, and the author cannot have their own students order it.And a third is for authors to handle typesetting themselves; this results in unevenly produced books, and authors have to invest time they don’t have and learn skills for which they have no further need.The higher price for the multi-authored volumes is based on the extra time and effort it takes to deal with multiple contributors, different levels of proficiencies among the essays, and inexperienced volume editors.In addition, the .00 per page will cover the cost for a certain number of additional presentation copies for contributors.These projects include revised dissertations, scholarly mono- graphs, translations of historical documents, and multi-authored volumes (Festschriften, conference papers, and other collaborations).By their nature, most of these volumes have limited sales potential, no matter how brilliantly written and no matter how popular the topic.These are just a few of the things to consider as you look to get your dissertation published.We editors do a lot of meeting with authors who are trying to navigate this path.


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