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Distinguishing the definitions of racism and prejudice is perhaps linguistically important, but seems somewhat abstract where real-world significance is concerned. Racial prejudice and racism are on two different planes.The words “I hate black people,” and “I hate white people,” carry a different weight because of how black people are treated by our country.

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An example of reverse discrimination is limiting the number of incoming white students into a university in order to promote minority attendance.

In the workplace, reverse discrimination is often used to address levels of minority employment that have traditionally been underrepresented.

Historically, white Americans have been abusive, violent and cruel tyrants, and anger about the treatment of fellow humans is more than justified.

We ought to work to understand how to help build a system which better serves all of the country’s people, instead of invalidating the hurt and frustration of people of color.

Their lands were not taken from them — they were the ones forcing indigenous people away from places that were rightfully theirs.

White people are not targeted by police forces and are much less likely to be arrested or face brutality.In the 21st century, many white Americans feel that they suffer more race-based discrimination than their fellow Americans of minority backgrounds.A 2011 study by researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School found that whites believe that anti-white bias, or “reverse racism,” is at an all-time high. Sociologists and social activists are among those who argue that reverse discrimination is actually not on the rise because it’s more of a myth than a reality.In order to accomplish this, the majority group will be discriminated against.However, critics point out that those affected by reverse discrimination were not the same people who perpetuated past situations, and are now being treated unfairly.Racism carries with it hundreds of years of cruelty, abuse, discrimination, violence and subjugation of people of color.Complaining of “reverse racism” minimizes and invalidates the historical suffering of people of color.In the United States, the number of reverse discrimination cases filed in the court system has more than doubled since the 1990s.A significant percentage of young, heterosexual white men believe that they have been discriminated against by minority groups.Reverse discrimination is a form of discrimination that is directed towards the majority group, frequently attempting to redress historical social inequalities that have existed in society.The concept of reverse discrimination first emerged in the 1970s, when affirmative action began to create opportunities for minorities.


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