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Complex Reading Skills Are Applied to Multiple Sources The research paper requires close reading of complex text from multiple sources, which students must comprehend, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate.These tasks, more sophisticated than merely summarizing an article for a report, reflect the complex work demands of college and career.This method may work for a cursory summary of an article or for identifying key points, but not for synthesizing information from ten sources for an in-depth report. Even if notes can be easily added in the text, students will struggle scrolling through multiple files to synthesize scattered information, resulting in a collection of summaries from each source rather than an integrated understanding of the topic.

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Poorly researched papers with little to say are poorly written or plagiarized.

Coached students will write papers that their teachers will want to read.

Before the research paper is declared dead and deleted from the curriculum in pursuit of briefer and more tech-based learning, here are 8 important reasons why students should still write research papers.

8 Reasons Why Students Should Still Write Research Papers 1.

Research conducted in the career world requires not just expert information, but the attribution of sources through in-text citations and bibliographies.

As students use sources that model research material with annotations and bibliography, they develop a questioning mindset: who said that, where did that come from, and where can I find more? It Builds Related Skills Unskilled researchers collect downloaded files and perhaps highlight passages, sometimes indiscriminately whole paragraphs or pages, without understanding the text.

An added value of note taking lies in the learning process.

By reviewing notes with the same keywords, students can synthesize the material into an organized plan for the paper. Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights Matter Because of plagiarism’s prevalence in student work, it may be easier not to assign research papers.

Feasibility studies, like the possibility of marketing sausage casings in India, laboratory or field research, inquiries to determine educational, political, or banking policies—all are formats of the research paper that organizations use to make critical decisions.

Before reporting new information, published reports with requisite citations and bibliography begin with what experts have already contributed to the issue.


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