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We don’t steal from the thieves, or rape the rapists. It would appear to condone the crime by repeating it.It would be a wanton cruelty.” (140) Why do we murder the murderers?“Judges and juries can convict the innocent, as we know from the case of Donald Marshall, jailed for more than a decade for a murder he did not commit.”(143). Several times the same crimes are committed and different sentences are given out.

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“In Canada, before the death penalty was abolished, native Indians, Ukrainians, and French Canadians were more likely to be executed than others.”(141) A jury who consists of those who believe in the death penalty is more likely to vote guilty while one opposed may vote innocent.

They do not want to be held responsible for the death of someone, innocent or guilty. When someone murders someone else, the correct punishment is not to murder him or her, but to try and help them.

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No matter what a person’s spiritual denomination, he or she cannot deny that the death penalty is the only humane way for retribution to adequately be served to murderous criminals.

Instead of attempting to implement new laws based on ambiguous religious scriptures, spiritual opponents should first be informed of all the rules established by Supreme Court cases that clarify how capital punishment upholds all human and American rights.

Throughout history, there have been many court cases that have ruled for or against the death penalty, but the issue of whether capital punishment is morally just or not is still debated today (Cole et al. As a criminal justice student, I view the death penalty as a successful and ethical form of punishment on the grounds that it deters citizens and prevents criminals from committing violent acts, is an extremely cheap financial method of punishing criminals that affirms righteous life, and provides retribution to victims and their families.

An argument against capital punishment, originally refuted by Edward Koch, is that it is the hypocritical, intentional, government approved, murder of a human being, in a society that criminalizes the taking of human life (par. An opposer of the death penalty on this argumentative platform could reference the Supreme Court case of Furman v. This appellate case was able to abolish the death penalty in 1972, with the argument that all present methods of execution, such as hanging, electrocution, and the gas chamber, were forms of cruel and unusual punishment (Cole et al. This view is understandable, but fails to realize that the government has different rights compared to individual citizens.

By carrying out death penalty sentences, the government successfully prevents serious offenders from ever killing again, and warns citizens that they might receive the same punishment if they ever commit brutal crimes.

The sanction of the death penalty is not murder, because it is not a violent and immoral act, and it is performed in the best positive interests of society. 10) he points out that many people debate that the seizure of any life cheapens the value of life itself, and no price should be put on it.


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