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", Simaris tells the Tenno that knowledge must be earned, and then asks them to perform another quest for his Sanctuary in exchange for revealing what the biological signature means.

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Before undertaking this next mission, it is imperative that players equip Synthesis Scanners in their Gear menu, said scanners being available from among Cephalon Simaris' offerings for ‍5,000, to assist in accomplishing the objective.

The next quest step involves synthesizing three Elite Arid Lancers by running the Ares Sabotage mission on Mars.

Lotus mentions that Chroma was one of the most powerful Warframes with a great ability to adapt.

Simaris deduces that the Chroma they're looking for is not Tenno-controlled, and that it is this mystery that is his goal. Lotus and Simaris order the player not to engage it however, and that it should be Synthesized instead using Synthesis Scanners.

Simaris will thank the player, telling them that their scans have uncovered something that his sentinels missed, then reveal that the biological signature is Tenno in nature.

Interested in what the biological signature is, Simaris will give the player a blueprint for a Scorched Beacon, and asks them to construct it.

Players must scan 4 nodes on the Elite Arid Lancer, accomplished by equipping their Synthesis Scanner from the Gear menu, aiming at the target node and holding down the fire key (default ) until the node is scanned. The Arid Lancer target will then disintegrate once all 4 of their nodes have been scanned, indicating a successful synthesis.

Scanning a node may cause the target to act unpredictably however, the player can prevent them from becoming alert by using stealth abilities like Rift Walk.

Meanwhile, Simaris reveals to Ordis that he can restore the latter's memories and possibly repair his malfunctions over time, and after Ordis deduces that they can decode the rest of the transmission on the Arcane Machine itself inside the Orokin Derelict in which it was found, Simaris praises Ordis' potential, which he feels is being squandered by being a servant to the Tenno.

Irritated at the banter, Lotus orders the Tenno to proceed to their next mission. Returning to the site of the Arcane Machine, this mission sees the Tenno fight through a Grineer Settlement to get to the Portal that will take them to the Orokin Derelict where the Arcane Machine was found.


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